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Virtuous Women by Ann Goltz

From the Author:

"Drew was detailed and timely with his edits. In addition to finding typos and punctuation errors, he also occasionally suggested alternate phrasing to improve sentence structure and flow. I found him very easy to work with."

Ann Goltz is a fiction writer who deals with complicated family dynamics, questions of identity, and the intersection of faith and life.

She began writing in elementary school and completed her first novel in high school. It was widely rejected by several publishers before it landed in a box. There it will stay, safely hidden, forever.

She quit her job in order to pursue a Master’s in Divinity full time and graduated from Wartburg Theological Seminary and became an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

After serving congregations in South Dakota, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Iowa, and providing a lot of pulpit supply when she was between congregations, she left active ministry in order to care for her family.

Her debut novel Virtuous Women will be published in 2024.


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