released March 2019

The world has long awaited the most-recent writing of Trent “T.C.” Strickland, an arrogant superstar novelist, womanizer, and serial drinker. Instead of writing, however, Strickland spends his time indulging in a reclusive beachside existence with no intention of fulfilling the needs of his fans. Until one day he finds himself inspired, fascinated really, by something (or someone rather) worth writing about.

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Scream at the Mirror

released October 2019

What make’s the American experience unique? What makes a person drive to work each day? What is it about our day to day that is beautiful? Scream at the Mirror is a collection of stories about the victories, tragedies, and banalities of the everyday American. No matter who you are or where you are from, the chances are good that one or more of the stories will be about you.