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released November 2021

It’s an election year in South Florida and college student Alex Ingle has gotten involved, somehow. After fleeing his Carolina home to reinvent himself in the Sunshine State, things get dicey when the violent act of a mutual friend delivers Alex into the crooked hands of a local politician, where he is subject to an arrangement that is as sinister and wrong as the act itself. 

Scream at the Mirror

released October 2019

What make’s the American experience unique? What makes a person drive to work each day? What is it about our day to day that is beautiful? Scream at the Mirror is a collection of stories about the victories, tragedies, and banalities of the everyday American. No matter who you are or where you are from, the chances are good that one or more of the stories will be about you.

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released March 2019

This is the story of a narcissist. Author T.C. Strickland is a genius and a psychopath living the good life on Florida’s east coast. Since his meteoric rise to literary fame, he’s slumped into a self-indulgent, booze-filled existence of debauchery and chaos, and has refused to care who he hurts along the way. With a destructive disposition, and a mob of skeletons in his closet, the only reasonable direction seems to be down for a man who just no longer seems to care.

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