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Born Drew Davis Stryjewski, D.S. Davis published his first novel, Storyteller, in 2019, and has since released both a short story collection titled Scream at the Mirror (2019) and a second novel titled I.P.A. (2021). A devout independent, Davis's books can be found exclusively on Amazon.

In addition to his own work, Davis works as a freelance ghostwriter and editor for new and independent authors. In 2023, he began Nightbloomer Publishing Solutions, a small business dedicated to helping independent authors publish their books.  


He holds a degree in English Education from the University of South Florida. Currently, he lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina with his partner, Haley, and his cats, Luna, Stella, Foster and Ashe.

Davis is a member of Lainey Cameron and Charlotte Dune's Writer Support Group that meets weekly on Thursdays. 

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