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Acid Christmas by Charlotte Dune

From the Author:

"Throughout my author career, I've worked with numerous editors and proofreaders, and D.S. Davis is my absolute favorite. I plan to use him for every subsequent project. He did a fantastic job line editing and final proofing my novel, Acid Christmas. Not only does he offer insightful feedback at an affordable price, but his approach and "editor-side manner" is a pleasure to work with. Few editors operate with such a high standard of delivery, customer service, wisdom, and tact. He has both a keen eye and a creative mind, a rare mix. I can't recommend D.S. Davis enough, especially for fiction writers looking to polish their book-length manuscripts."

Charlotte Dune is the author of the Psychedelic Love Series and is a fiction, romance, and non-fiction writer. Dune grew up reading science fiction books in a geodesic dome in rural western Virginia, roamed the globe with the US Foreign Service, worked on films in Canada, and now writes and lives in South Florida. Her most recent novel Acid Christmas is due to release in November 2023.


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