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Today I Turn Twenty Eight

This serves no purpose but documentation. I turn twenty-eight years old today. I have written three books. I am currently very in love. I have a net worth of approximately $_________.__. I can cook at an amateur level. I have been only to two countries outside of my own. I have been to eighteen of the fifty states. I’ve worked in tech, law, education, sports and local government. I have been a disciple of God and a fervent atheist. I have a bachelor's degree and thirteen tattoos, both were very expensive but got me into certain rooms. I have four cats but no dogs or lizards. I have driven only two cars in my twelve years of driving, and have very little interest in cars except for reasons of utility. I have two wonderful parents who were always there both physically and mentally. I have two wonderful siblings. I have a very tight extended family. I have one remaining grandparent, it was her birthday this week too.

I always figured that the prospect of thirty would scare me but I am feeling fine about it. Who am I to worry about time?

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