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My Books So Far

My published books are listed below from newest to oldest:

I.P.A. (2021):

Genre: Literary Fiction/Gonzo Fiction/Southern Gothic

Plot: It’s an election year in South Florida and college student Alex Ingle has gotten involved, somehow. After fleeing his Carolina home to reinvent himself in the Sunshine State, things get dicey when the violent act of a mutual friend delivers Alex into the crooked hands of a local politician, where he is subject to an arrangement that is as sinister and wrong as the act itself.

I.P.A. is a conscious examination of an unconscious life. The story of a young man striving for a life of success and happiness, who instead finds a life full of lies, deception, blackmail, paranoia, and broken promises. This is a story of buying in, selling out, and living life in a state of glorious unconsciousness. An ugly tale of sex and parties and conspiracy and a young man in a Year of Terror.


Scream at the Mirror (2019):

Genre: Flash Fiction

Plot: Scream at the Mirror was written for you, the everyday American. The collection includes stories about anxious parents, self-conscious gym-goers, a jaded preacher, a school shooting survivor, a suicidal suburbanite, an incredibly debaucherous weekend, and many more. As an added bonus, the collection wraps up with the highly-requested story on the life of Robert, a popular character from Davis's first novel Storyteller. Sad and banal, but relatable and funny, Scream at the Mirror aims to serve as a portrait for what American life looks like today.


Storyteller (2019):

Genre: Literary Fiction/Gonzo Fiction/Southern Gothic

Plot: This is the story of a narcissist. Author T.C. Strickland is a genius and a psychopath living the good life on Florida’s east coast. Since his meteoric rise to literary fame, he’s slumped into a self-indulgent, booze-filled existence of debauchery and chaos, and has refused to care who he hurts along the way. With a destructive disposition, and a mob of skeletons in his closet, the only reasonable direction seems to be down for a man who just no longer seems to care. D.S. Davis’s debut novel is an investigation into success and ego seen through the eyes of a talented psychopath. Channeling the ghosts of the Gonzo experience and his predecessors Hemmingway and Bukowski, Davis delivers a somber seaside melody with tragic proportions.

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