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"DS Davis knows the torment of a serious writer. This isn’t the writing of commercial success and dumbed-down plot lines. This is character-driven literature. If you happen across this review, buy the book and read it. This is the kind of writer we need to be supporting."

-Nic Schuck, Amazon Bestselling Author

This is the story of a narcissist. Author T.C. Strickland is a genius and a psychopath living the good life on Florida’s east coast. Since his meteoric rise to literary fame, he’s slumped into a self-indulgent, booze-filled existence of debauchery and chaos, and has refused to care who he hurts along the way. With a destructive disposition, and a mob of skeletons in his closet, the only reasonable direction seems to be down for a man who just no longer seems to care. D.S. Davis’s debut novel is an investigation into success and ego seen through the eyes of a talented psychopath. Channeling the ghosts of the Gonzo experience and his predecessors Hemmingway and Bukowski, Davis delivers a somber seaside melody with tragic proportions.


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